6 Week Need For Speed Training Program

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This swim training program is a sprinter's dream. Over the course of 6 weeks, you will complete 18 swim workouts that are designed to make you faster in the pool. Visual examples are included for each drill. 
*Available for sale in USA only
  • This program was built for sprinters
  • 6 week program
  • 18 workouts- 3 workouts per week
  • Visual drill examples
  • All workouts are sprint focused
  • All workouts are under 3,000 yards
  • Equipment- you will need a kickboard for this program
  • DISCLAIMER- This training program includes hypoxic training. Hypoxic training, like all training, can be dangerous. Please participate at your own risk.
Meet your head coach
kaitlin frehling


"I swam for the University of Florida from 2010-2014. I have qualified for two Olymic Trials in multiple events. Helping fellow swimmers achieve their goals has been a passion of mine for over 10 years. I have coached hundreds of athletes, helping them reach their goals. Whether you're a year round swimmer, triathlete, or simply just looking to improve in the pool; I'm here to help."


community testimonials

Kaitlin was an excellent coach as she helped prepare me for my first Ironman 70.3 event. Within the first 5 minutes of our first session, she was able to pinpoint areas in my technique that needed to be fixed and provided drills that would help fix the problem. Kaitlin's ability to quickly identify issues as well as her great technical prowess and ability to communicate issues clearly helped me understand where I was making mistakes and how I should correct them. With each session I could feel the improvement in my times as I practiced on my own. With Kaitlin's help, I was able to drop my swim pace down from 2:15/100m over 1.5km in a calm lake to 1:59/100m over in an ocean swim. If you are looking to improve your swim, I highly recommend working with Kaitlin.

Jeremy Y.

We had 3 sessions with Coach Kaitlin since May for 12 yo and 15 yo daughters. Coach Kaitlin is very easy to work with and was able to identify the girls weakness area right away! She worked with each of them in the water on the first session, in that 1 hour, their strokes/speed were already a lot better. My 12 yo had a swim meet right after the first session. She dropped 1 sec on 50 fly! Coach Kaitlin continued to work on 50 Fly and other strokes for the following 2 sessions and this past weekend, my daughter had dropped another 1 sec and qualified for JAG championship next week! She also qualified for 200IM by dropping 4/24 seconds from April meet! I highly recommend Coach Kaitlin to anyone who is committed to be better and reach the swimming goal.

Macy Z

Precision Swim Training has done wonders for my daughter's performance! Kaitlin Frehling's combination of video analysis, technical, and strength training leads to breakthrough performance and significant time drops. Swimmers of all ages and ability levels will benefit from PST's comprehensive approach to skills development.

Greg H.

My daughter has been studying with Kaitlin for a number of years now, and I have always been impressed with Kaitlin’s knowledge of swimming and her positive attitude. My daughter feels more confident in her swimming strokes and racing strategies after she has had a lesson because Kaitlin conveys the information in such a way that Genevieve feels capable of implementing what she has been taught. I highly recommend Kaitlin as a swimming teacher.

Chelsea L.

Coach Kaitlin is an excellent coach. She knew right away how to correct my son's stroke.

Keith T.

Kaitlin was excellent. She is energetic and positive. The aspect that helped me the most is not just her deep knowledge of technique, but her ability to communicate in a way I could understand.

Eric S.

My son has been training with Coach Kaitlin since last October, and he has made tremendous progress. Coach Kaitlin is dedicated, professional and very knowledgeable about different training methods on each stroke/style. In addition, she is a very friendly, pleaseant and cooperative coach to work with. We have had a great experience with her, and would highly recommend her to swimming enthusiasts who hope to improve fast.

Greg P.

I had been looking for a swim coach for my son for quite a while. It was not an easy job because my husband and I are very careful concerning choosing any tutor or coach for my son and we know how important a good one is. My husband found Kaitlin accidentally in our community pool when she was coaching, and was so impressed by her capabilities of both swimming and teaching. He called me immediately and asked me to come to the pool immediately to see her! It is so hard not to be attracted or impressed by her teaching if you are around. She is definitely an olympic level swimmer! What's more, she is so enthusiastic, positive and contagious! My son has made great progress in swimming with Kaitlin and we still feel so lucky that my husband found her at the pool, as we now know what we would have lost had we missed her that day!

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